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Exercise is FUN here! The staff is friendly, encouraging, positive and motivating. Every class is different, you will NEVER be bored. Meet new people and make new friends! If you are grey-haired like me, you have a few stiff joints and it’s not as easy as it used to be jumping out of bed in the morning. But since I have been taking classes more regularly I feel so much better -- All day! I leave class feeling straighter and strong. I have more energy and I feel better all day. And I know how to move without hurting myself if doing chores at home.

- Judy Weber

I can’t begin to imagine my life without RSFC. RSFC is the upbeat, positive jump start for each of my days.  The classes are well-rounded and focused on total body fitness. Whether muscle development  and/or toning or cardio. It’s amazing how satisfying and fun they are.  My fellow gym rats are incredibly funny, while the RSFC staff is warm and welcoming.  With all these positive attributes for gym attendance, who can not afford (both health-wise and mentally) to be a part of this family?

-Kathy Urlie

I have found RSFC to be a very welcoming environment with knowledgeable trainers who are interested in my total well being. I am encouraged to do my own personal best and shown correct form to maximize my results and prevent injuries. It is a good feeling to be working toward better health and strength while meeting new friends and reconnecting with previous ones. I would encourage anyone who may be considering starting an exercise program to consider joining RSFC

- Cheryl Brannan

I came to RSFC a little over a year ago and am so much better for it! I have always enjoyed some kind of fitness/exercise. I dropped out for a season and did my own thing, but after joining here I met new friends and re-acquainted with old ones.  My husband has come here faithfully and stays in great shape because of it.  We love it here and all the family of RSFC!

-April Prigmore

When I found rising sun I was overweight and LONELY. I found wonderful friends at RSFC which only helped to fuel the fire to work out and lose the weight.

Thank you for being here, RSFC!!


The gym is family! The gym is a place to come where the environment is positive, clean and safe.  It is more than a gym to me. I look forward to coming each week to workout and see my gym family.  I can’t see myself going anywhere else. It is the place to go with all the classes they offer and the weight room. It has blessed my life in so many ways. I love all the friendships and sisters I have gained.


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