Join us for MILES IN MARCH!!!! Prepare to run, walk, or jog the Annual BurneyChamber Ham Run on May 5th at the falls by joining us in our free challenge! Earn points that convert in to miles by coming to class or working out in our gym. Make it to Hollywood and back on our map and WIN! Challenge starts March 1st and goes until we have a winner!

For more details, check out our rules! 


Race to Hollywood & Back!




Accumulate miles on the map by earning points! Points can be earned many different ways at the gym!

Rack up the most points and WIN!


1 point =1 mile on the map

NO MORE THAN 35 points MAX can be earned daily

15 points:

  • Attend any class on the schedule

  • For every 30 minutes spent on the treadmill, elliptical, or stepper

20 points:

  • Attend the BONUS CLASS: Every Sunday, a bonus class will be posted in our facebook page for the upcoming week. This gives you time to sign up for it and schedule it in! Not on facebook? Text or call your friend who is to find out! Bonus class will be posted before 8pm on Sundays!

5 points:

  • Complete the Weekend Challenge: Saturdays are challenge days! Watch out for a challenge that you can do at home! Take a picture for proof to earn the points

  • Bring a NEW friend for 5 points!


Tally up your daily points and record them on the chart in the weightroom! Points must be verified by a staff member, so be ready to show us pictures of your treadmill time, and make sure you are SIGNING in to MBO! After Hour Points in the weightroom will have to be verified by pictures and can be shown to a staff member during STAFFED HOURS or posted in our FB page.

Private messages or texts to a staff member will not be counted!  

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