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About us
Rising Sun Fit Club is a Functional Fitness Training Facility! We set ourselves apart by offering weight room, classes, and unparalleled positivity, motivation, encouragement, and teamwork. We strive to empower people to believe they can do anything they set their mind to, and with the support and dedication of the trainers & staff, members learn the tools to reach their goals and create a new lifestyle.

The supportive community at RSFC is what makes it the strongest!

A kickboxing class at Rising Sun Fit Club

O U R  C O R E
We believe that everyone has untapped potential within them and our gym is a safe space to work on unleashing your potential. We put in the work to disrupt the norm and get the results. We dream big and don’t settle for the status quo. We are always innovating together to give our clients an experience that no other fitness facility can provide. Never following, always leading, living ahead of the moment in fitness. We aren’t just a gym; we’re a community vested in each other’s success. We value humility and a team approach at every level!

We believe that we are stronger together and together we will rise.

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